India Through The Eyes Of Hindu

It is almost four weeks as I live in this country of colors and contrasts. Every day gives me unforgettable and amazing experience, day by day the smell, the flavor of India becomes more native to me, and noises from cars are like birds’ singing on the sunrise in the village.

Indian family is having dinner on a roof of the house under construction.

First two weeks I was sharing a room in a hostel with a hindu guy, who is studying for master’s degree and has his internship in Gurgaon (city not far from Delhi). One evening we, somehow, started a conversation about our countries and cultures.

There are more than 1000 Gods in India, for example, Rama, Krishna, Mahadeva, Lakshmi, Ganesh, and others. It is up to the person to decide which God he or she would like to worship. Even people from one family may worship different Gods.

Worshipping God consists of different traditions, holidays and rules. For instance, those who worship Krishna, celebrate Janmashtami, which means the birth of Krishna, it takes place in August-September time.

As well as in other religions, there are a lot of celebrations and holidays in Hinduism. For example, the Holi – this is the festival of colors, a festival of spring. There are a lot of versions about the origin of this holiday, yet, the one I really liked is about the Vishnu God and his demoness Holika, from whom the name of holiday originates and whose dummy is burnt every year. People celebrate this holiday at the end of February – beginning of the March, for like two or three days.

Celebrating Diwali with Indian family in Chandigarh city.

First day’s evening is dedicated for burning of a dummy and the day after people have a colorful parade, during which everyone says “happy holi” and shower the bright powder of different colors on other people, and this act itself symbolize exile of bad energy. Besides Holi, there is a holiday called Divali – fire festival. This holiday symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. The whole population of India lights on candles, torches, and present sweets to close people saying “Happy Diwali”.

About family. Back in the days, and even now, in different parts of India parents choose a future wife to their son. Earlier, parents were interested in such things as household skills, education, but now they are interested in occupation, workplace, and salary of a future wife. Earlier, the future newly married couple were not allowed to meet each other before the wedding ceremony. Modern families little by little begin to forget these traditions and give their son or daughter right to choose life partners themselves.

Education. India is considered to be one of those countries, which is developing rather rapidly in spheres of Business, IT and Industry. Nevertheless, a larger portion of the population does not have secondary education.

Qutub Minar
A selfie with Indian teenagers in Qutub Minar.

Of course, there is a question arising right away – Why government does not provide a proper education? The answer is that government actually provide people with public schools and universities, which cost 30 rupees per month, or about 50 cents. However, parents are more worried about their shop rather than about life of their children. That is why if someone’s grandfather was cooking a corn, he would be doing it for decades.

Hindu people start their working day at 9:30-10:00 AM and finish work at 5:00-5:30 PM and some people work till 4:00 pm.

India has a good relationship with China, Nepal, Bhutan. However, it is battling with Pakistan for more than 10 years now, especially because of the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26.11.2008. It is still unknown who initiated an explosion, but Hindu blame Pakistani people.

If you, due to whatever reason, would like to become a celebrity in India, then use these hints: you should be a cricket player, you should be a politician or a movie star.


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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. More to come.


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