Whichever Hurts You The Most, Do It The Most

After completing my second semester in my masters, I decided to find a job or internship to implement my theoretical knowledge into practice. I applied for some Indian companies, but I didn’t like the way they work: they take an attitude test, then they take you for a group discussion where you have to be more aggressive, you have to know political matters and business ethics, and then interview. This is good; I value not only test but also human qualities.

My best friend got an opportunity to work overseas. He found it through AIESEC. I like this idea more. It’s just a perception, my preferences.
I have been trying to find an opportunity for four months, the company where I work is my hundred’s application. Even though I have my masters, I am qualified in terms of knowledge, but I did not have any work experience. It was hard. I got this opportunity after four hard working months, and I am fully enjoying it.
My friends are from different countries: Philippines, Pakistan, Mauritius, Syria, Kazakhstan, every single individual is from another part of the world. Maybe I can’t really put all of them into one circle, but as individuals, they have something that is similar to me. 

Whichever hurts you the most, do it the most. This thing will be beneficial to you the most. You might not realize it. I didn’t have enough money, I was studying masters with a bank loan, but I pushed myself so much. I believe that it’s better not to have a backup. If you have that in your mind, you would stay in your comfort zone. You can’t push yourself more. This was my motivation, I needed to get out, I needed to meet new people, it was already enough for theories. I believe that whenever you travel, whenever you talk to more people, your mind becomes so vast.
I heard from one Pakistani girl that she is grateful for what I have done, despite a political clash, the very fact of us being friends made a difference. There’s more that unites us than divides us. And it came from my parents, and I had this mindset that I can impact on someone’s life.
If you have the mindset to impact on people’s life – just do it. Bring it on.

– Abhishek Choudhury, India.

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