AIESECer From Kazakhstan Helps a Kazakh Startup Launch World’s First Intelligent Personal Router For Digital Nomads on Indiegogo

Sharing the same vision of Nommi and solving the most common problem of all travelers, I was so happy joining Alyona’s team in launching Nommi on a crowdfunding platform, I believe this product is a revolutionary change in today’s society that will disruptively grow all over the world.  

Nommi allows everyone to stay connected without any manual manipulation, be it switching sim-cards when abroad or choosing proper wi-fi network from the list.

Here’s how it works:

  • eSim solution will keep you online without a need to buy a local SIM in every country you visit or use an expensive data roaming;
  • Smart network  based on advanced hardware and firmware combination and includes algorithms to enable switching, extending, sharing and making secured your connection;
  • Simple data plan focused on making Nommi service transparent and free users’ time for the things that matter, rather than doing checks on Terms & Conditions.


It was 2 AM in Kuala Lumpur when I received a message from Alyona, founder of Nommi that our Indiegogo campaign is live. The team was so excited and happy to see the results of all efforts that we put in this campaign. Refreshing the page, I saw the first backs made by people from Kazakhstan and also from overseas. (so cool)

I am former Vice President of AIESEC in Kazakhstan and current Chair of Entity Control Board joined the team of Alyona Tkachenko and Kairat Akhmetov to help them with launching this campaign on Indiegogo. First, we thought that we will launch on Kickstarter, however, after Alyona traveled to the US, we changed our date of launch and also decided to launch on Indiegogo. 

To reserve your Nommi today, visit and back Nommi Indiegogo Launch Site. The first 1000 signups will receive a 50% discount and would be able to purchase Nommi Slim at $60 and Nommi Power (version with power bank added) at $75. Retail value would be $120 and $140 respectively. Shipping is planned in June 2018.

Nommi, Personal Hotspot Worldwide

Nommi is a US-registered company with a local team currently located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Los Angeles, CA. To learn more, visit

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