Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

― Mahatma Gandhi


We are here to expand your boundaries, empower you to make a difference, unleash your full potential – to be the change by sharing stories of different people about their life-changing experiences.

Our ultimate goal? We want to raise funds globally, and invest in people who wish to travel and impact on someone’s life; invest in young social entrepreneurs turning their ideas into reality.


We believe each one of us has a story behind that has to be shared. Every week we share life-changing experiences of people based on three main categories:

Culture Stories – stories that will inspire you to break down barriers and shatter stereotypes about different cultures.

Expat Stories – stories that will inspire you to believe in your abilities, shape your mindset that everything is possible by sharing stories of expats (how they became an expat, what kind of challenges they are facing, why they love being an expat and their thoughts about Sustainable Development Goals).

The Silk Road Stories – stories about young people from Central Asia, their contribution to the world directly or indirectly.



Born and raised in Kazakhstan, I founded Headstories after discovering the benefits of developing individuals and spreading tolerance through traveling and interacting with different people to help people unleash their full potential – to be the change.

I started involving myself in empowering young people in 2013 when I joined international youth organization, AIESEC at the age of eighteen. From a member to Vice President of the whole country, I was leading and developing the organization with more than 150 young leaders who positively impact the world.

Traveling to Europe, living in India and Malaysia brought me an understanding of my mission – to break stereotypes, empower people to make a difference, unleash their full potential – to be the change by introducing them to stories of real life-changing experiences of people. I want to provide needed resources to people in order to them implement their ideas (traveling with a purpose, opening a social business etc) into reality.